[INFO] EC Classifieds Etiquette

HellOw Center Directors and Boarders!

The Equestrian Center Classifieds forum can be used to look for Boxes or Boarders.

Here’s what you can post here:
- Looking for Boxes for your horses to stay in, both short or long term stays.
- Asking for Boarders, whether that be offering open boxes or reserving private boxes.

Anything else you want to advertise, including your EC's competitions, should be done on your personal or equestrian center presentations only.

What makes a good title here in the EC Classifieds?
A title that tells the players what you are either A) Offering or B) Looking for, is the best title. It saves players time while they search out their/your needs and keeps the forum looking less like a scavenger hunt.

If you have any game questions, please post these in the Game Play forum.

Happy Hunting!

Kind Regards,
The Howrse Team
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Why does no one use this forum. It seems like it would be useful to some players?
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