Black Market

Discover exceptional items to use on your horses and improve your game!

Luckto try and win surprises
horn of plenty
Horn of Plenty

Win a whole lot of surprises thanks to this item!

100 100 passes

titan's challenge
Titan's Challenge

Play to win some magnificent gifts!

200 200 passes

Ageingto lengthen or shorten your horse's life
ageing point
Ageing point

Age your horse without waiting!

9 9 passes

ageing points pack
Ageing points pack

Loads of ageing points at an affordable price!

490 490 passes

morpheus' arms
Morpheus' Arms

Age your horse without spending an ageing point.

295 295 passes

water of youth
Water of Youth

Your horse will now age one month at a time

100 100 passes

piece of cloud
Piece of Cloud

Make your horse younger by 4 months and find 2 ageing points.

95 95 passes

Performanceso that your horses become the best
chronos' timer
Chronos' Timer

Train your horse twice as fast!

195 195 passes

philosopher's stone
Philosopher's Stone

Make your horse immortal!

300 300 passes

nyx pack
Nyx Pack

A pack that contains vital items that will improve your horse!

575 575 passes

philotes' stroke
Philotes' Stroke

Stroke your horse twice during the day!

60 60 passes

Reproductionto ensure the performance of your horses' descendants
hera's pack
Hera's Pack

The pack you need before covering your mare.

275 275 passes

aphrodite's tears
Aphrodite's Tears

Increase inborn foal skills by 50%.

100 100 passes

zeus' lightning bolt
Zeus' Lightning Bolt

Change your horse's gender.

95 95 passes

fertility wand
Fertility Wand

Your mare will give birth to twins!

95 95 passes

artemis' arrow
Artemis' Arrow

Accelerate your mare's gestation.

25 25 passes

Customisationto give your horse a unique style
harmony pack
Harmony Pack

A must-have pack to customise your horse!

190 190 passes

golden apple
Golden Apple

Choose a new very rare coat for your horse!

100 100 passes

vintage apple
Vintage Apple

Choose one of the original coats from the game for your horse!

85 85 passes

helios' ray
Helios' Ray

Place your horse in a beautiful landscape!

95 95 passes

ow's helios' ray
Ow's Helios' Ray

Place your horse in one of the magnificent landscapes from the event!

90 90 passes

medusa's blood
Medusa's Blood

Turn a horse into a Pegasus.

95 95 passes

apollo's lyre
Apollo's Lyre

Customise your horse's name.

40 40 passes

Bonusto improve your horses' skills and fitness
poseidon's pack
Poseidon's Pack

A pack that contains the best gear for your horse.

275 275 passes

bonus pack
Bonus Pack

A pack that will grant all existing bonuses to your horse!

175 175 passes

black orchid
Black Orchid

Restore your horse's energy, health and morale to 100%.

90 90 passes

pandora's box
Pandora's Box

Resurrect one of your dead horses.

95 95 passes

ploutos' parchment
Ploutos' Parchment

Your horse will produce Equus instead of droppings.

25 25 passes

achilles' heel
Achilles' Heel

Bed your horse without energy or time restrictions!

85 85 passes

hypnos' blanket
Hypnos' Blanket

Put your horse to bed even when it's not registered in an equestrian centre!

20 20 passes

Play to win some magnificent gifts!

200 200 passes

titan's challenge

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