New Features from January! - 28th January 2014

From now on the "Special" species is switching to Divine

Here is what's coming this month for the first update of the year:

- To make thing simpler we are switching all the "Special" horses into "Divine" horses. This doesn't make any difference to the way they work.

The aim is to have a single species for horses that are out of the ordinary.


- The new Helios Ray template is available from the Black Pearl's page.

If you are the creator of a background already on the game you will have the possibility of uploading an updated version of your background to fit the new page size.


- When registering your horses in a competition, you don't see the competitions in which two of your horses are already registered anymore.


- When registering a Divine horse in competitions, you don't see competitions in which you already have a Divine registered.


- VIP players aren't blocked with the one click competition registration for Divine horses any longer.


Best Regards

The Howrse Team





A new format for Helios Rays! - 23rd January 2014

Starting next month the format for the Helios Ray template is changing.

Starting in February, the format for the Helios Ray is changing.

If you are creating a Helios Ray, we invite you, starting right away, to use the new template to prepare your future creation.


Warning: The format will also change from the current .png file format to .jpg.

The creation’s size mustn’t exceed 2Mo.


This change aims to prepare for the arrival of the future horse page and its immersive environment.

The landscapes will be much wider and the horses will be set into a more natural backdrop, like the wild horses.

This will be introduced to the game near the end of February.


Once the new horse page online, the creators will also have the possibility of re-sending their old format Helios Rays re-sized to fit the new format.


Thank you

The Howrse Team


Ranking formula modification - 6th January 2014

The formula for the general ranking has been slightly modified.

As you may know, a little while ago, we held a survey following this blog article; Focus on the general ranking.


The aim of the survey was to ask you if you were in favour of exchanging the amount of passes bought by a player by the amount of trophies he owns in the formula used to calculate a player’s position in the general ranking.


The majority of players from all the versions of Howrse voted yes in this survey.


So today we are implementing this new change by replacing the amount of passes bought by a player for the general ranking formula by the amount of trophies instead.


We hope you’ll enjoy this small change.

The Howrse Team


Happy New Year 2014! - 1st January 2014

The whole Owlient team wishes you all the best for 2014!

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2014 to you and yours from the whole Owlient Team!


We hope 2014 will be full of joy, health, adventure and love for all of you!


Best Wishes

The Howrse Team


Merry Christmas from the Owlient Team! - 24th December 2013

The whole Owlient Team wishes you all the best for this holiday season!

The whole Owlient team sends you their best wishes for Christmas 2013!


We hope you are thoroughly enjoying this holiday season and spending a great moment with those you love.


Thank you for playing with us!


The Owlient Team

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Future change in the terms of use of the game! - 18th December 2013

We will be updating the game's terms of use on the 06/01/2014 13:00!

We will soon be changing the term of use to the game and update them to a newer and improved version based on three documents instead of one.

The change will take place on 06/01/2014 13:00!

The new legal documents will be the following:

Terms of use of Owlient services

Owlient privacy statement
Owlient - Terms of sale

There are no major changes regarding our terms of use. The main reason for this upgrade is to allow us to harmonise all the terms of use across all our web sites and all the languages.
We have also taken this opportunity to add the privacy statement to our terms of use to specify the usage of personal data.

On top of the way they are written changes and the structure is much clearer to understand.

Best Regards!
The Howrse Team


The IPhone & IPod Application! - 17th December 2013

Now play on the go thanks to the Howrse App available on ITunes!


You’ve often asked us about an application for your smartphone, and finally here it is: The Howrse IPhone and IPod App!


You can now simply go to ITunes and download the Howrse app directly to your smartphone to start playing!


It’ll allow you to get direct access to Howrse from your telephone’s home screen.


You’ll also stay logged in from a game session to the next. You will need an internet connection to be able to play.


The mobile version of course stays available and fully functional.

For IPad users it is best to use the mobile version instead of the Howrse application as it'll fit the whole screen.


When you first log in you’ll need to select your language and then the version you wish to play on (international, US, UK, CA or AU). Please note that if you want to switch between versions, you’ll have to log out from the application.


If you encounter any issues with the app, we encourage you to contact the game’s support team with precise information about the model of your IPhone as well as information about its operating system.


Of course for all of the Android users out there, we haven't forgotten about you and are working on the equivalent that will come during the course of 2014.


We hope you’ll enjoy playing Howrse on the go!

The Howrse Team


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December's New Features - 5th December 2013

Come and discover what the month of December has in store for you!

Like announced a few weeks ago, we have made some adjustments on diamonds.

From now on they can only be won thanks to the wild and divine horses that offer them.

We have also made a few changes on the Creation Space:

-          The first validation stage by the team has been removed.

-          You now have 50 votes per day and each vote gives you 20 equus.

-          Exceptionally the votes will take place from the 10th to the 14th of December but starting in January the votes will go on from the 6th to the 14th day of the month. So two extra days to vote.


And a few other tweaks that you can discover by taking a look at the Change Log page.



The Howrse Team




Paysafe now also available in Australia! - 3rd December 2013

We are glad to announce that our Australian players can now use Paysafe Card!

We are glad to announce that our Australian players can now buy Paysafe Cards in Australia!


Paysafe cards are a simple and convenient purchase method for your passes.


You can simply buy your paysafe card against cash in any of the sale outlets that offer the cards.


Then use the 16 digit PIN code from the card to buy your products online.


We hope you'll enjoy this new way to buy passes!


Best Regards

The Howrse Team





November's New Features! - 25th November 2013

We've been talking about it for a long time; please welcome the VIP account and the winged Unicorns!

This months discover:

  • The VIP account
  • The teams
  • The winged Unicorns
  • The possibility to resize and move your horse's image
  • And a few various tweaks.

To learn more join us on the change log page!

Best regards

The Howrse team


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