Pastry horses

Divine Pastry horses


The Pastry horses are divine horses. Each horse is inspired by a delicious pastry.

The more Pastry horses you have, the more your other horses will easily find sugar during their actions.

Each pastry is represented by 2 horses: one male and one female that can breed with each other.

Once all the Pastry horses in the game have been collected, you will be given the final divine horse of the series if you bred a horse of each pastry type. Thanks to him, your Pastry mares will produce extra sugar pearls every day.

Pastry horses cannot die, be sold or appear in rankings. They cannot:

  • receive items associated with breeding
  • be customized
  • enter the Grand Prix
  • be aged manually

They do not count toward the prestige of the equestrian center in which they are boarded.
Once per day they can enter competitions open to all horses, as well as competitions for special horses provided they have enough energy to do so.