Horses of the Zodiac

Divine Zodiac Horses


The Zodiac horses are divine horses. There are 13 different Zodiac horses (yes, there are 13, not 12). Each of them represents a different sign of the Zodiac.

On your birthday, the horse who represents your star sign will give you 1 x 5th Element if you have them in your breeding farm.

On the last day of a star sign, the horse from that sign is given as a free gift to a player selected from amongst those born under that sign.

When you've collected all 12 of the main horses of the Zodiac, you will receive the final horse of the Zodiac: Serpentarius!

When he wins his very first competition, Serpentarius offers you 1 x Special 5th Element that allows you to customise a horse with the 5th Element coat of your choice.

Horses of the Zodiac cannot die, be sold or appear in rankings. They cannot:

  • receive items associated with breeding
  • be customized
  • enter the Grand Prix
  • be aged manually

They do not count toward the prestige of the equestrian center in which they are boarded.
Once per day they can enter competitions open to all horses, as well as competitions for special horses provided they have enough energy to do so.