~Breeding Kings~
Welcome to my page:
NEWEST Thoroughbreds: ~Felix~ & ~Pheonix~ 
NEWEST Unicorns:  ~Wisdom~ & ~Divinity~ 
I'm 20 and I started playing horse on the older version and after a few years decided to reconnect with Howrse in Jan 2012. My first and treasured horse Arya (seen in favourites) has been the founder of my Friesian breeding farm, under the ~Pearls~ tab.
However I have also undertaken High GP Thoroughbred breeding found under the ~Jewels~ tab (seen in favourites). I aim to collect silver and gold coat horses, so if you have any offers please message me.

I collect Black Market objects and if you wish to have any private trades, please inbox me.
 I am specifically looking for Cronos Timers, 5th elements, and philosopher stones. 
For details on breeding propositions and sales look under ~Whats New~. 




~What's New~

Welcoming the breeding of Unicorns! 

For Unicorn, TB, Arab or Friesian coverings please message me your offers for discussion.
 Gold Coat or Special Horses are NOT for sale, all under the "Other Horses" tab and those without altered coats can be sold depending on offers.


Objective 96- Go into your profile> My account > Personal info tab,  and change your country to France > then go to the horse Glory to feed an apple. (then change back to Aus)
Objective 45- Secret page No. 1> go to page http://au.howrse.com/ow/XXX and replace XXX with the year the game began> date found on Ow's page
Objective 100- Go to breeders ranking> Highest breeder ranked in Number of competitions won yesterday> go to html and copy the ID no' >paste in XXX of http://au.howrse.com/ow/XXX

Secret page #1 - http://au.howrse.com/ow/2011
(original clue: site address + ow + ow's birthday - year she signed up to site)
~ Secret page #2 - http://au.howrse.com/ow/*insert live #horses currently listed in directories*
~ Secret page #3 -http://au.howrse.com/ow/*insert id # of the player who won the most competitions yesterday*

 8 months: •1 hr 30 meadow •groom •1 hr play •1 hr meadow •1 hr play • turnip/feed (min 3.5) 
7 hr play • stroke • carrot • drink
10 months: •1 hr 30 meadow  •groom  •8hr play  •carrot  •drink  •1 hr play  •stroke
•turnip •drink •feed (what's needed)
1 year: •1 hr 30 meadow •groom  •9 hr play  •turnip  •1 hr play  •stroke  •carrot
 •drink  •feed (min 4.5)
1 year 2 months: • 30 min meadow  •groom  •1 hr play  •feed (min 4.5) •9 hr play •turnip
•1 hr play  •stroke  •carrot  •drink
1 year 4 months: •30 min meadow  •groom  •1 hr play  •feed (min 7 kg)  •10 hr play  •stroke
 •drink  •carrot
Let me know what style you want and I can make you your very own personalised banner, just message me to discuss prices. Prices vary, however usually BM items are acceptable.

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