My main project is currently breeding Selle Francais horses with Je Suis. I am part of this team alongside Frozen In Time, TaBoo, Kate Kelly, Freehold, indie, Doravalentin, Mother Goose and Solepic. We are proud to be bringing the best Selle Français horses to the Australian server. 

I also breed unicorns as my personal project, hoping to cover as many different breeds and coats as I can in my farm. My Curly unicorns were my original project and this has expanded out.
I now breed 
Beside that, I have been working on getting the trophies a lot recently


 I am always willing to take offers on any horse in the "Fillers" tab and "for sale" tab. However, this does not mean I will always accept. I keep any horses I need for my coats. It's best to inquire on an individual basis rather than me listing them.  

I will NEVER be mad about inquiries on these horses, so go ahead! While you can inquire about horses in unicorns/curly unicorns/Divine+Special+Ga tabs, it's unlikely I will sell. 

However, please do not inquire after my Selle's for Selle coverings. In respect to the team and the hard work we put into these horses we do not offer coverings/sales above the current public sales level. 

 I am always trading in BMI and looking for M. Arms, Hera/Poseidon/Nyx packs, Z. Bolts


I am always collecting coats to complete my trophy collections. I will buy these or trade for coats you may need from the horses I have. Right now I am looking in particular for: 

Akhal-Teke: black / cherry bay / cremello  / flaxen liver chestnut / light grey / roan strawberry roan
Fjord: Gulblakk / Rodblakk / Ulsblakk 
French Trotter: cherry bay / dapple grey / flaxen chestnut 
Gypsy Vanner: liver chestnut tobiano / mouse grey / palomino 
Hanoverian: mouse grey / roan / strawberry roan
Highland Pony: chestnut / flaxen liver chestnut / roan
Purebred Spanish Horse: chestnut / cremello / liver chestnut / palomino 
Shetland: bay tobiano / black tobiano / chestnut tobiano / mouse grey tobiano / palomino / roan / strawberry roan / 
Tennessee Walker: roan
Welsh: flaxen chestnut / flaxen liver chestnut / palomino / roan / strawberry roan