My name is Meg, I'm 21. I've been playing for quite a while now on and off. Recently I took a break from the game due to ill health but am now back playing casually. I own my own 11yo QH gelding, Chico. I also have a 14yo Foxy x chi mix called Jimmi and recently got a 3yo Chihuahua called Pumpkin. 

 I currently am looking for Achilles' Heels, Morph Arms, P Stones, Z Bolts, Aphrodite's Tears, Titan's Challenges, Golden Fleeces and any aesthetic item (e.g. 5th Element, GA etc.), If you have any of these items PM me :) 

I'm currently a proud member of ~ The Gardians ~.
My past teams include Mustang GT500, Challenge, Occa Arabs, Sealers' Cove Mustangs, Sealers' Cove Nokotas, War Paints and King & Queen TBs. Previously a VIP filler for many other teams as well. Whenever I am a VIP, I am happy to be a filler. 

 Apologies if I comp stomp. I use auto-comp so don't know when I do. Just send me a friendly message and I will turn it off for the day :)

My old presentation was lost when the host site shut down so I only have this temporarily.