Phoenix Rising is my main project at the moment I am the main administrator of the team.

I do not sell any horses unless I have put them up for sale so please do not ask to purchase them.

I also do not offer coverings unless they are already listed, so do not send messages asking for covers as they will not be answered.

I am an adult player, I work full time so I am not on all the time and when I am on I am busy working my horses.
. I have a retired Thoroughbred Gelding and a Black Labrador which keep me busy
I live on a small farm where we raise weaning calves. 


This is my currently project with some wonderful friends,


I am also in a team for Nokota Unicorns with the affix
≈ғєяaℓஐмøß≈ with two wonderful Ladies.


If myself or any of my team members are blupping a horse we usually will fill a comp quickly we appreciate it if other users do not try to Stomp the horse we are blupping. If you help us we will be willing to return the favour. We will only fill the number of comps needed to get the wins for our horse in the low range and then we will go against the fully blupped horses to finish off the blupping of our horses.

We avoid stomping other user horses and pick comps that no one has entered.

If the horse is not in the Sale it is not for Sale, please do not message me asking about them.

I attend Obedience with my Labrador Kobi we are currently working towards our Novice level, I am hoping in the future to trial him.

Last but not least I want to Thank Maiden Storm for creating this wonderful presentation.