Hi im yowwy im 31yrs old please respect me and speak to me before friend requesting me.

(This rule is here cause i want friends who get to know me and chat to me i dont like randoms on my friends list

so if you need a friend for a contest or something go find someone else)

I live in vic and i have never ridden a horse and dont actually like horses more unicorns and into darker things like dragons and stuff

but im actually a nice person and love to help people so if you need some help please feel free to mail me but please dont disrespect or yell and be patient.

I have a life out of howrse and im busy a lot so dont expect everything right away 


Breeding and training random elites if you wish to work with me just shoot me a msg


I demand respect! im not some new player i have been on howrse a long time and have done a lot for this site and the people on it.

if you cant treat me right dont mail me

Dont mail me with silly offers on horses or unicorns it annoys me 

No spam no silly messages

If you need help on the game or want to chat feel free to mail me


Only horses for sale are in the random tabs unless stated otherwise

No adult unicorns for sale

No foal unicorns for sale unless stated

None of my horses are ill and if they are i can easy fix them no need to whine about me mistreating them or demanding them cheap cause there sick

If you want to buy a horse off me you need to know which one have a good offer and tell me which one it is

No elites are for sale unless i say so

I have these rules for a reason DONT break them