Hello players of AU Howrse!

I'm 25 and an animal attendant from Victoria. I've never been fortunate enough to own a horse, but I do own a cat and a dog who mean the world to me. I also recently had to say goodbye to my dog of 13 years and cat of 18 years.

You'll find me on Howrse quite frequently and I can also be found on the International server under the same name although this server is really the only one I play regularly.

If you have a question about the game, feel free to send me a PM and I'll try my best to help you out.

*Please note that due to working full time and juggling my commitments at home, I'm not able to spend as much time on here as I have in the past. The AU Howrse community still means a great deal to me however and I'll do my best to respond to messages in a reasonable amount if time (though I may take a couple of days to reply if things are particularly busy in the real world.) Thanks for understanding! :)

I do not accept random friend requests. Sorry.

Please know right off the bat that I do not trade horses, whether it be for items or other horses.

Also unless they are listed for sale in my Horses Currently for Sale Tab, my horses are not for sale.

Third and last, please only make reasonable offers if you must do so: 500e for a new, fully-skilled skiller with every BMI is by no means reasonable.

Thank you for respecting the above. ;)

Thank you very much to both Mille-me and joeg1997 for these wonderful layouts! :)

If I delete you from my friend list it's most likely as you've been inactive for some time. Please don't take this personally.

Foal games and other useful hints can be found below. :)


 Foal Games

-These do not require the use of a fountain or shower!-

8 Months

Groom // 0.5 hours of games // Feed as required // 7.5 hours of games // Stroke // Drink // Carrot

10 Months

Groom // 0.5 hours of games // Feed as required // 8 hours of games // Stroke // Drink // Carrot // 0.5 hours of games

12 Months

Groom // 0.5 hours of games // Feed as required // 9 hours of games // Stroke // Drink // Carrot // 0.5 hours of games

14 Months

Groom // 0.5 hours of games // Feed as required // 10 hours of games // Stroke // Drink // Carrot // 0.5 hours of games

16 Months

Groom // 0.5 hours of games // Feed as required // 10 hours of games // Stroke // Drink // Carrot // 1.5 hours of games

Other Useful Things

Please remember that the Howrse Team will never, ever ever ever ask you for your password. If you get a PM requesting that you provide your password for any reason, please report it as abuse immediately.

Be aware that all players enter into private trades at their own risk; while a player caught scamming may be punished there is nothing the Howrse Team can do to return your stolen horses or items to you. If you have been scammed, please contact admin by going to Profile>My Account>Contact Us

Click here to purchase aging points with passes or diamonds

Use this formula to calculate the rough IBS of a foal using the parents' information:
(mare's GP + stallion's GP)/10


(mare's BLUP + stallion's BLUP)/200


IBSx1.5= IBS w/ Tears

Keep in mind that the end result may vary up to 4% each way

Bolding skills: A horse's skill becomes bold when all possible skills have been gained from training, rides (short for speed; long for stamina) and competitions. Each horse needs to have it's highest three skills (these can be determined by looking at the genetics tab) bolded in order to reach +100 BLUP.
This image shows how bolded skills (in this case stamina, speed and dressage) look different from unbolded skills (gallop, trot and jumping.)

Excellency stars: are awarded to a horse once its GP in any one skill reaches more than 100.01, and then for every 10 points after that so:

100.01 = 1 star
110.01 = 2 stars
120.01 = 3 stars and so on.

As GP can not be raised after birth, the only way to achieve excellency stars is to breed the best horses you can access together once they've been fully BLUPed. With generations of hard work the GP and eventually number of excellency stars will increase.
A red excellency star is the equivalent to ten green excellency stars in the one skill.

Rosettes: A competition must have 75% or higher prestige in order to be able to give out a rosette. Competitions that do will have a brightly coloured rosette next to their name when you are looking to enter your horse.
It takes considerable skill just for the horse to be able to enter a competition with a rosette, let alone actually win one. 

VIP Accounts: Players become eligible to purchase a VIP account after purchasing 100 passes with cash. The first 50 players in the following rankings also become eligible for a VIP account:

General ranking




Number of creations

EC prestige

Assessing the maximum skills of a horse:
You can estimate roughly what the potential skills of a horse may be by calculating the following:

GP + IBS + Foal Games (max. 60/10 per skill) + Lessons (max. 178.50/89.25 per skill)

Keep in mind that the skill gained from lessons may be significantly less. That total can only be achieved if the horse has a WoY, 20 Pieces of Cloud and 60e lessons every day until the horse reaches 25 years of age.