Hey guys, my name is Sheridan, I live in NSW Australia, I have a beautiful daughter named Isabella, 1 cat (Mystikal) & 1 dog (Sophie). I’m 23 years old & have an amazing fiancé.

As i am an adult player, if your under 18yrs of age, please consult your parents before contacting me.

I've been playing howrse for several years now on a few accounts.
This is my main account though i do have an international account which can be found under the username: MakeBelieve

On my international account my affix is: Από αυγή έως σούρουπ Which is Greek for 'From Dawn Till Dusk'

Feel free to add me as a friend, I welcome any friend requests.
At this stage i am concentrating on my Mustangs, but i am also dabbling in other breeds and crossbreeds.

I am also breeding Unicorns
off and on.

All foals born without a horn will be put up for sale if i chose not to keep it as a filler.

I am collecting all the Retired Coats.

These are the few i am missing;
Goddess, Snowflake Gypsy, ~Прекрасный принц~, persicum crustum & Winter.
My Divines, Specials and Wilds
are NEVER for sale.
Neither are the horses in any of my Grand Prix tabs.

My Mustangs are never for sale, nor do they offer coverings!

Yes i am a pass buyer, but i will NOT sell my passes for equus! Passes cost REAL money, so i will not accept any offers.