w e l c o m e

I'm Ietia, as you can tell from the name at the top of the page. Any extra information you'd like to know about me can be found on my account on the international Howrse site under the same username. I am an adult, so keep that in mind when contacting me, and get your parents' permission first if you need it.

Also, please don't send friend requests unless I already know you. Any from unfamiliar people will be rejected out of hand. It's nothing personal.

b r e e d i n g

HYDEIST and I will be breeding NIB Pure Spanish Horses together. As this version of the site is not the main one I play on, the programme will not be competitive. That being said, any foundation Pure Spanish Horses that you'd like to pass our way once the equus starts coming in would be very welcome.

s a l e s

I realise I neglected to put this on here earlier, but unless one of my horses is already listed in the sales, I have no interest in selling it. I apologise if anyone got confused.

n o t e s

I do not sell, trade, or buy black market items. Please don't ask.

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