my game
hello fellow howrsians. welcome to my page. i'm not new to howrse, but new to this account and server. i've always opted for the international server even though i am through and through aussie! i;ve stayed pretty close to my comfort zone with my beginning breed: hanos. and even though my main goal at this point is blasting through the objectives as fast as i can, they're definitely the breed i want to create a strong bloodline for; hanos, as well as connies and probably brumbies. 

fun facts about me?
 - i've been riding for fun since i was 6 (i was and still am the horse girl!)
 - i speak 3 languages
 - i'm a fraternal twin (i look nothing like my older sister)
 - i own a very...energetic beagle, Frankie (who is the light of my life)
 - i love mathematics and science (chemistry and biology!), but i sucked at all the written assignments in school, so i didn't get very far.
 - i'm a hardcore stay, i bias felix & seungmin <3
 - i love spreadsheets, i spreadsheet EVERYTHING