I used to be Anialator Chicken, but my account got deleted after what I presume to be inactivity (rip lol). Update: that account is now considered a retired breeder. Rest in peace, AC.

I am jilq on the International server.

Holsteiners are my primary project right now, and Arabians. Kerry Bogs and unicorns as well.

Maybe a bit weird, but I'm attached to my old affixes, so if you have a horse with an old affix of mine that you don't care for, I'd be happy to take it off your hands (for reasonable prices, ofc). I had a few affixes, but some are: Legendary Holsteiners, Crazy Chickens, Heirs of Annihilators, Mythical WondersIncredible Holsteiners, Devious Arabians, and Bizarre Kerry Bogs.