*Looking to buy a 5000+ GP Brumby stallion. If you have one and would like to negotiate a price, PM me.*
*Looking to buy low quality (low gp, low skill) competition aged horses for cheap, please PM me.*

In casual collaboration with Werewoods to breed Brumbies.

I am a female, adult player from East Coast Australia (GMT +11). I am a uni student who is playing in my spare time.

I am a returning player, having played many years ago (when the 'vintage' coats were the coats, I say bring them back as the regular coats!) under a different username.
I don't buy passes. I am just working my way up slowly, any help is appreciated ;). 

I am a horse rider and am lucky enough to have my own steed. On top of horse riding I am a collector of houseplants (SilverDragon being the name of a plant, as seen in my pfp, not the specific colour of a mythical creature), I play instruments, and love to garden and draw.

I accept all friend requests!
 I am here for a good time, but will be slowly getting more competitive as I  develop. Any help/assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Check out my EC, Muttering Retreats!


Shakespeare's Brumbies is a project that I am currently undergoing. The goal is to breed high quality brumbies. Shakespeare's Brumbies is my stock, bred by me.  All Brumbies of this stock will sport names of characters from William Shakespeare's plays.

I am about to undergo a French Trotter breeding project, this is very casual. I will be breeding Trotters to help new players to access other breeds, as a result they will be VERY affordable. Please contact me if you are interested!

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