About Me
Welcome! I'm Werewoods (or Were), I use he/him pronouns. I played Howrse in ~2012-2015 under a different username, but lost my account. My main breeding project is my Brumbies (affix: Strange Trails), for which I'm collaborating with SilverDragonI'm an adult player and a student (i.e. I just play in my spare time!). If I've stomped a competition you're in, just let me know– this is accidental (I often use the mobile version)! I accept all friend requests, answer PMs, and return congratulations where possible. <3

Other Info
I love tabletop roleplaying games like D&D and Lancer, which have inspired several of my horses' names. Also a big fan of indie games, character design, and anything with puzzle/mystery elements. I speak English (fluent) and German (intermediate). Based in Australia (timezone: AEST/GMT+10).

Breeding Brumbies, Irish Hunters, Hanoverians, Marwaris, & Drum Horses at varying paces.

Running my EC - In The Woods Somewhere. Feel free to register for my EC or enter my comps if you'd like, any help is much appreciated!

Looking to buy purebred Barb or Criollo stock above 5k GP, PM if you have something you'd like to sell!

Useful Links
Links to special horses with daily rewards:
Topaz 1
Topaz 2
Topaz 3
Topaz 4
Topaz 5
Xanthos 1
Xanthos 2
Xanthos 3
Xanthos 4
Xanthos 5