apologies I'm having a brief hiatus from regular activity


Please see my sales tab: GP15880+ Arabians. All prices negotiable.

can customise those on sale with: Original Wanderer's Spirit, Water Element, Greek Wanderer's Spirit, Hiking Journal, Greek Hiking Journal


On the look out for Hera's Packs, Morpheus Arms

I'm having a bit of fun working on my Equi Victores Arabian's, having just bred into the 16000GP range. I'm slow but pleased to making progress. If anyone has a high GP stud they're willing to help me make increase my breeding potential I'd be thrilled to discuss. 

Thank you Whitedaisy1 for my first uni!

She/her // non-pass buyer // building my EC centre // raising high GP Arabians and working slowly on my Thoroughbred foundies <3