I've been playing Howrse since 2015. Unfortunately due to inactivity in late 2017 my account was terminated.
I decided to make a comeback and hope to stay!

I am Australian.
I am a huge animal lover, with a passion for poultry and show rabbits. However I have never owned a horse and don't intend to (huge commitment)! I love being with nature and love the wildlife that surrounds it.
I LOVE winter and hope one day I will see snow.

I am currently working with Vanners, UNI Shetlands, Lippizzans, PBSH and Fjord ponies, starting from where I left off in 2017. Not a huge focus point just here to win trophies and have fun.
Any help and advice will be MUCH appreciated!!!

If you have time congratulate me (I try to return all congratulations) and feel free to send me a friend request!
I love meeting new people!

Have an awesome day.
You are loved <33