Old player restarting the game after a massive break. 

Breeding Brumbies and Vanners mainly, starting to breed Curlies, Highland Ponies and Nokotas with Shire and Donkey side projects.

I am a non-pass buying player, everything I have I've earned

PM me for covers or potential sales

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Covers for Shire mares
Covers for Donkey mares
Iris Coat horses (any colour) under 30 years

Hotspur Brumbies
Created 29/05/21 
- Bred from my starting horses (Orion) (Hestia)
- Current lead stallion: Aether
- 18/06/21: First horse with 3000 GP (Hecate)

Hotspur Vanners
Created 24/06/21
- Current lead stallion: Freyr
- 27/07/21: First horse with 5000 GP (Thruer)

Hotspur Highlanders
Created 27/07/21
- Bred from twins (Rhiannon) (Morrigan)
- Current lead stallion: Conand
- 27/08/21: First horse bred with 3000 GP (Deirdre)

Hotspur Curlies
Created 01/09/21
- Current lead stallion: Texas

Hotspur Shires
Created 04/10/21

Hotspur Donkeys
Created 31/10/21

Hotspur Nokotas
Created 19/02/22
- Current lead stallion: Eddard

Coat of Many Colours
Created 03/03/22
A new breeding experiment to start breeding horses with Iris Coats so players can use them for the Iris Coat trophy. 

Horses looked after yesterday - 19th (30/8/21)
Horses sold to the Safe Haven - 1st (4/9/21)
General Ranking - 500th (22/10/21)
Number of comps won yesterday - 49th (20/4/22)
Popularity - 16th (10/09/22)