Presentation last edited 7th May 2022

Hello, I’m Crow
I’m always selling horses/foals, message me if you would like any of them.
Any in “chandlers horseys” are off limits, those are my partners horses that I keep on my acc because I am more active.

I buy and sell foals/horses very often, all the horses/foals im selling are in  "The Other Horses" tab at the bottom of my page, feel free to message me if you'd like to buy any and i will put them in reserved sales and drop the price a bit for you.
I will try to return your congratulations. I'd love to be friends and help each other out!

If you want to get rid of foals/horses quickly, I pay up to 2000 Equus each for foals and 4000 Equus each for horses. If they have a bmi or high skills/gp I’m happy to pay more. Message me if you’re interested or just put them in reserved sales for me.

Rankings i'm proud of:
General: 508th (16th August)
Trophies: 1287th (29th August)
Wealth: 504th (29th August)
Seniority: 1501st (12th August)
Popularity: 4th (31st August)
Number of horses: 600th (12th July)
Horses Looked After Yesterday: 63rd (28th June)

Equestrian Centre Rankings
(All Centre's)
Prestige: 373rd (12th August)
Popularity: 1st (30th June)
Horses Boarding: 125th (12th August)
(Classical Riding Centre's)
Prestige: 286th (12th August)
Popularity: 1st (30th June)
Horses Boarding: 101st (12th August)


Thank You For Reading My Presentation And Visiting My Page