My General Ranking as of 23/02/2021 is-              General ranking:  269ᵗʰ as of 31/07/2022.                                                                                                     
 Hi, my name is WynterPhoenix, but you guys can call my Wynter. I am an adult returning player, so please get permission from your parents to talk to me if you are a young player. I accept all friend requests and try to congratulate all who congratulate me.
I am mainly a breeder of Mustang's and a few other breed's, including the Argentinean Criollo. I also breed Unicorn's and could potentially do unicorn foal orders one day when I have more then what I currently have. One of my male (Stallion) Argentinean Criollo horses (a cremelo male to be exact) was getting close to diying and due to the amount of people who breed their mare's with him, I made the choice to make him Immortal and rename him to The Emperor (with nothing to do with the Tarot Card at all).