Hey all of you Howrse owners!

I'm EchOw! I'm the newest admin to join the Howrse team and excited to be here. I'm completely new to Howrse but wOw have I been missing out!

Despite being new to Howrse; I'm an avid gamer, technology nerd, tinkerer, and animal lover including ancient and mythical! When I'm not gaming or tinkering, you'll usually find me listening to music or binge watching tv shows or movies with snacks (or shall I say fodder?)! I'm an American girl living in Europe, which is quite fun, exciting, and exotic.

While I start my amazing journey, I'd love to know what you all love about Howrse or even your favorite fodder! Share your favorite binge watching fodder recipes! ;)

- If you have any questions or concerns, please use the Contact Us section to get the fastest response from us!
- Never share your password with anyone to keep your account safe!

Have a lovely weekend.

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