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Welcome to my page

Hello, I´m Maruu

I´m an adult player (60+).
My main account is on the Norwegian version. Same username.

My time zone: Central European Standard Time (GMT+1)-Denmark

The game here is more relaxed than on some other Howrse versions, that´s why I love to play here. I don't care for ranking lists and competitions, although I try to breed high GP horses. I am a notorious collector of all kind of breeds and I try not to spend money on the game (I do try).


I usually play on and off. It can happen that after a year playing Howrse I'm bored and rather play other games (zelda, acnh) but I always come back. :) Beside that I love world building, writing and reading Fantasy.

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Dec. 2022: I started a coat breed = trophy collection. 


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