Sylphira - Obscura Curio

Hello and Welcome!

I am a returning player, and used to go by the names GirlAssassin and CyroJoker way back when. Unfortunately my accounts were inactive and were deleted (twice hence the two different accounts).

I am not specialising in any one breed but am currently breedings Brumbies, Aussie Ponies, PSH's (unis), and Mustangs. 

Looking to join a team or even just work with someone breeding any of these. 

Let me know if there's any horses you're after and I'll be happy to work out a price. 

horses at round up

I have a love for music, gaming, movies. Music taste is rather broad, from Pink Floyd to GFlip. Support your local artists, especially during the time we find ourselves in right now. Always up for chat for feel free. Just know I am an adult player (22) well just anyway. Just finishing up uni finally.  

Happy Howrsing everyone :)