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Hello!  I'm happy to accept your friend request.  I am returning the the game after a 10 year break from the international game.

I am happy to offer coverings from any of my stallions and offer coverings on the open market regularly.  PM me if you would like a covering from a particular horse.

If you are after a rare Purebred Spanish Horse, Appaloosa, Camargue or Australian Pony coat please PM me. I regularly use Hera packs in my breeding program.

Charleston Equestrian Center

Western EC with all of the perks!  Currently building up capacity whilst maintaining high quality boarding facilities.  If you would like a box reserved please PM me.  The box will stay reserved for you as long as you keep it regularly occupied.

Currently Breeding

Proudly offering some of the highest GP purebred horses on the open market

AKIP performance- Purebred Spanish Horses
The PSH are a powerhouse breed who hold their own in speed competitions.  My PSHs have had great success as we make our way up the breed GP and skill rankings. Founding Sire is the beautiful Vicious is trying their best owned by barghest.

AKIP elite- Australia Ponies
Looking for a straight forward breed to train and campaign then Aussie Ponies are the answer.  Aussie Ponies are the little superstars of my breeding program with AKIP elite GP in the solid top hundred and regularly bolded skills in the top 20 rankings.  

AKIP Efficacious- Appaloosas and Camargues
Currently lightly breeding Camargue and Appaloosas developing a strong GP and skill bloodlines.  AKIP appaloosas are starting to be seen in the top 100 of the breed rankings.  I am quietly optimistic for the future of the AKIP efficacious horses.

If you are interested in any of the AKIP horses please check out my sales or PM me for a foal.
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Camargue Horse Breeder
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