my affixes- 
se elite hanoverians
the start of my elite hanoverians, who will hopefully one day be one of the highest scoring in showjumping.

se elite hybrids
all my non purebred showjumpers, hopefully my next project so they can exel and advance in all the aspects of showjumping.

i own 2 horses irl who are both showjumpers; a bigger grey who i have raised since he was 2 called jimmy who was about to move up to 125s before corona, and my first pony called named elliot. who still actively competes in the smaller levels (80-90cm). however I also love horsemanship, so both my ponies get to have lots of fun.

as you can see many of my horses have names based around my favorite netflix series and books so if you can guess any, let me know!!!

my main objective is to breed well preforming hanoverians that can win in the showjumping ring, and then sell their foals. so please pm me if you are interested in buying any of my horses because there is a good chance I will say yes.

if anyone has any tips or tricks in hanoverian breeding pm me, because i have no idea what im doing.

my first horses now have new owners, but still a place in my heart- (se- silas) and (se- amara)

another random fact is that when i used to play this game i had a favourite horse who i have managed to track down by the name of shadow and i hope to by her back as soon as possible

i had an account like 4 years ago under the name of sophiepony

my horse reality account is sophie_e

my current horses-

se elite hanoverians:
se- juliette ferrars (from the shatter me series or juliette chronicles)
se-clark (from the 100)
se- james anderson (from the shatter me series or juliette chronicles)
se- paris (from the uglies)
se- tobias eaton (from divergent)
se- jasper (from twilight)
se- rebecca mikaelson (from TVD)
se- caine soren (from gone)
se-elena gilbert (from TVD)
se- zeke (from the divergent series) 
se- aaron warner (from the juliette chronicles or shatter me series)
se- sam temple (from the GONE series)
se- stefan salvatore (from TVD)
se- will (from divergent)
se- jace (from shadow hunters)
se- beatrice prior (from divergent)
se- kai (from TVD)
se- edward cullen (from twilight)
se- christina (from divergent)
se- thomas (from maze runner)
se- julian (from TVD)

se- octavia (from the 100)

se- luke (from shadowhunters)

se- kiara (from outer banks)

se- clarissa fray (from shadowhunters)

se- camille (from shadowhunters)

se- cou cou (from cherry)

se- bonnie (from TVD)

se- emmaline (from shatter me)

se- panda (from GONE)

se- evan (from the 5th wave)

se- will herondale (from tid)

se elite hybrids:

se- damon salvatore (from TVD)

se- tpwk (iykyk)

se- sunflower vol 6 (harryyyyyyy)

other hanoverians:
amelia (a gift from the lovely Up In The Air)
matt donovan (from TVD)
soda water
mineral water

my impulse breeding/buying of french trotters and connemaras:

se- baby

se- kenji (from shatter me or the juliette chronicles)



se- crazy

se- maniac

for sale or project ponies

cassie (from the 5th wave)

caleb prior (from divergent)

se- champion


se- black or white



se- avocado 


se- galaxy

se- raffy

rest in peace

se-nine (( I am number four)

opportunity (

now sold on horses:

se- adam kent (( from the shatter me series or juliette chronicles)

se- oppy (

se- silas (( from TVD) 

se- amara (( from TVD)

se- jasper (( twilight))

se- joker (

se- caine soren (( from GONE)

little drummer boy (

trophy (

coats that im currently collecting:


- roan

- mouse grey


every colour other than mouse grey