Never Ending Story is recruiting PM Nocturnal if interested we breed the top Holst uni's on AU Howrse! 


About Me 

Hey I'm an adult player who is currently studying engineering at uni. In real life I show jump and own a gorgeous 17h warmblood mare who is a work in progress but an amazing learner and I can't wait to move up the heights with her. She tries her heart out at everything, is incredibly brave and is definitely my once in a lifetime horse. I am currently working through the coat trophies and use my coat trophies as an AP farm. I will sell any double ups of coats but will also sell others for a good offer as I'm more focused on my Hano's and my Holst uni's. 

My Breeding

I'm aiming to breed top quality Hano's. This means I strive for high GP and inborn skills. I'm currently offering the 3 highest GP coverings with full BLUP. I do offer cheaper private covers so message me to find out more. I aim to one day breed the top Hano's on the game.                                                         I'm also breeding Holsteiner uni's as part of the team Never Ending Story with Nocturnal. I'm so thankful to Nocturnal for bringing me onboard this team! We now have the top Holst uni's on howrse. 
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My Best Hanovarians (30 wins and above) consistently keeping me in the top 100 for comp wins:
Arthur: 59 wins     
Vulture: 59 wins     
Lizzie: 37 wins      
Valentina: 46 wins 
Alexia: 39 wins
Marla: 40 wins 
Mercy: 47 wins 
Superstar: 60 wins
Mini: 51 wins
Jazz: 43 wins
Carson: 45
Sabella: 66 wins
Alisela: 53 wins
Winter: 56 wins
Merlin the Wizard: 31 wins
Gwendolen: 34 wins
Martini: 35 wins
Marko: 59 wins
Finan: 33 wins
Chillie: 45 wins
Branson: 38 wins
Aphrodite: 59 wins
Alice: 42 wins
Glimmer: 58 wins

19/5/2020 - 9th For Comp wins with 139
9/5/2020 - Unlocked the fountain for the first time!
1/6/2020- My first divine Kabuki he gives golden apples and other items daily so pretty happy to have him 
Highest General Ranking so far 239th