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~| Ghost (favourite band), Sleep Token, Katatonia, Metallica |~

My Game:

Hello There, this is my second go at Howrse, the last time I played was before they introduced the new pass system.I’m slowly working on my equestrian centre and building up my game along the way.  Most of my stallions are up for public coverings, except for team horses and 3-Cover only species. I’m happy to help with objectives if I can, and answer questions about the game. You can find my affixes and projects they’re attached to strewn throughout my breeding farms.

I am the owner of Hᴇʀᴍèꜱ, where I breed Selle Français. You can find more information on my team page. 

*Please note that I will sometimes, very rarely use auto-comp for my Selle’s, and I apologise if my horses stomp anyones comps. I am happy to help fill for anyone if this happens. 

Retired from competitive mustang breeding as of 13/1/23.

The only horses I have for sale can be found in the Sale tab. Feel free to pm me if you see something you want in one of them that I haven’t already placed in the sales.Horses from the ‘General Sales’ tab can be sold for either Equus or Passes. If you are asking about a horse from a specific tab, it will be sold to you for the price of the tab it was in. For example, horses in the tabs ‘10-15 Passes’ and ‘9k Equus’ will be sold for those prices only.
Last thing,I generally don’t appreciate my horses being bought and sold again straight after they have been purchased, for a higher price or not. I know some people will have a logical reason for this but sometimes it’s a little disheartening.I can see who does it,it’s not very hard to figure it out- but I won’t make a huge deal out of it-just putting it out there.I know no matter what I say will make a difference (because it clearly hasn’t) but, please don’t do it. 


~Won Divine horse Kawaii in the cards event?!                                                           3/9/22

~Wow 1,000 days on Howrse. I can’t believe it.                                                         12/8/22

~Reached 900 days seniority.                                                                                        3/5/22

~Reached 800 days seniority.                                                                                      23/1/22

~2 Years on Howrse                                                                                                 16/10/21
~Reached 700 days seniority.                                                                                  15/10/21
~Reached 500 days seniority.                                                                                    29/3/21
~Created my first team, ʜᴇʀᴍÈꜱ!                                                                              6/3/21
~3rd in popularity, wowee thank you!                                                                     15/1/21
~Won Slöngvir in the Equestrian Hike event                                                            3/1/21
~Won Prancer in the Equestrian Hike event                                                             1/1/21
~107th in general ranking, if you know you know                                                    8/9/20
~300 days seniority                                                                                                       8/9/20
~200 days seniority                                                                                                     31/5/20
~Won Je t’aime in the cards event                                                                             5/2/20
~100 days seniority                                                                                                     23/1/20
~Won my first rosette                                                                                                 11/1/20
~Won a Newfoundland Pony & a Polar Bear companion from Gold Chest        10/1/20
~Got Polar Bear Chimera by opening a HoP                                                        30/12/19
~Got Donner & Cupid from the Mazes                                                                 21/12/19
~Got Blitzen from of the Mazes                                                                              14/12/19
~Won Amethyst from a Golden Fleece                                                                   30/11/19
~Got my first (?) Divine, Mist                                                                                 22/11/19
~Bred my first Lipizzan unicorn twins                                                                  18/11/19
~4th in popularity- thank you.                                                                                28/11/19

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