Hey I'm Rikki, im 24 years old and from the land down under Australia.


Reach 2000 days
Reach 1000 Horses
Reach 3000 congrats
Have all Horse coats & breeds
Reach 10mil equus
Reach 3000 AP's

Facts about me: 

1. I love Movies & TV Shows
2. I battle Depression, Anxiety & Insomina
3. Im in love with an Actor named Daniel Sharman (Isaac Lahey on Teen Wolf, Troy Otto on Fear The Walking Dead & Kaleb Westphall on The Originals)
4. I once use to be a DixonVixen and obsessed with The Walking Dead
5. I use to ride horse when i was 6-7 years old but haven't ridden since
6. I treat horse games (Sims, Howrse, SSO and more) as real life as i can not own a horse in real life, so i do take most things to heart
7. Im full Australian, half British & quarter Irish
8. Im a very friendly person and easy to make friends with
9. Video gaming is my life, watching YouTubers (Markipiler, Jacksepticeye & more) is my obsession
10. Last but not least, I accept all friend requests!
11. Im expecting my first baby!