Welcome to my page!

About my game:
I have been playing on and off since around 2012 but all of my old accounts are no longer active so I had to start again. I am a non-paying player who is on nearly every day (I was gone for a couple of months when I moved house but I'm back again). I accept any friend requests and will return messages but if you are rude or spam me I will block you. My goal on howrse has always been to have all of the breeds and I am closer than ever.

The Breeding Farms:
"Breeders" is where all of the horses that are set up for breeding are. If any have the breed name as their name that means there is a replacement for that horse not yet of age.

"Coat Collection" is where I'm trying to get all of the coats for each breed. I'm not too invested in those so if I have one that you are missing I would be willing to sell some.

"Graveyard" is where I am keeping the older horses to grow until they are old enough to age Yggdrasil.

"D&D" is where I'm keeping all of my Donkeys and Draught Horses. Any with "Jr" in their name are 'back-ups' for when the older ones reach 3 covers.

"The other horses" is where everything else is kept.

The Horses for Sale:
Below are lists of the breeds that are set up for production. If you are looking for anything in particular then feel free to send me a message with any requirements (breed, coat, GP, BLUP, gender, age, etc.) and I'll see what I can do. Requests for soon to be available breeds can still be submitted they just may take longer until you have them.

Breeds Available: Soon to be Available: Unicorns:
Akhal-Teke Belgian Riding Pony      Appaloosa
Appaloosa Donkey    Curly
Arabian Horse Drum Horse Vanner
Argentinean Criollo Finnish      Highland Pony
Australian Pony Marwari      KWPN
Barb Shire Nokota
Brumby Shagya Arabian
Camargue Shire
Connemara   Tennessee Walker
Curly Thoroughbred
Fjord Welsh
French Trotter
Highland Pony
Icelandic Horse
Irish Hunter
Kerry Bog
Newfoundland Pony
Paint Horse
Purebred Spanish Horse
Quarter Horse
Selle Français
Shagya Arabian
Tennessee Walker

03/11/19 - Received Yggdrasil after sending an old horse to heaven
14/04/20 - Won Eurus from a HOP
01/06/21 - Received Cascade for logging in for more than 20 days in May

About Me:
I am 21 and live in Australia. I just started Uni online so if I'm online it's probably to avoid working on something. I have always loved horses but never owned any. I love to watch shows and movies and listen to music. I am almost always keen for a chat.