Meet the newest generation of ~Grand Bête~, 
Gen 29--->
Gen 25 ---> (DH)Last Dead Soldat
Older Gen--->   (DH) Death to You and LightningΨQueen.
Check out my Marwari's ۩۞۩€avallo ∂a Ꮆuerra۩۞۩.
Twirly~Curly's latest ------------->

Always buying horse and checking reserved sales daily. No matter what horse I'll happily purchase them for 4,500e or under.


I'm a new team member to the Twirly~Curly, Check em out! 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png

Name's Andy and it's a pleasure to meet'cha.
I come from Victoria, Australia, and have lived there my entire life.
Year of the dragon and a Pisces to boot.
I'm an adult player and have been on Howrse before.
Love congratulations and will give them back when seen, so thank you.
I will accept all friend requests & will help in events too.

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Always looking for BMI items such as Achilles Heel, Fertility Wand and Tears, always up for tradin BMI for horses or other items, thx.


~(DH) Grand Bête~ - Drum Horses (Draught Horses)

-There may be Drums for sale every now and again, but it's infrequent and best if you just check the currently selling horses list.

۩۞۩€avallo ∂a Ꮆuerra۩۞۩ - Marwari Horses

-There are always Marwari foals available and for sale. I'm happy to make a good deal on a few of them too. If for some reason there are non up, please PM me immediately and I'll put some more up or reserve the ones you like. I sell a few Blupped adults every now and again too.

 Twirly~Curly (Curly Team) - Curly Horses

-Starting to Geld some high GP curly horses. 

-Due to my subscription, they get gelded at 2.5 yrs old.

-Most will sit at the 5000-5400GP range soon in market for passes. 

-ONLY GELDINGS. I will not take offerings for any team horses that are entire or mares.

-The 4000GP range is up for sale now (Really pleased to negotiate on price too!).

Day by Day schedule.

-I thought I might put up what I do day to day (Whether I have an hour or half a day for this). Someone showed their interest and I thought it might be helpful for some beginners too. If you think you have tips or helpful advice to improve efficiency, I appreciate all messages.

  1. Divines (You should play with most of your divines because they can be quite lucrative in BMI/equus from their bonuses and comps).
  2. I have a Tab called "Team" and this is filled with my most important animals. The horses that if I'm short on time for the day are priority and can't forget to work with a)because other people from the team rely on them being finished quickly or b)I need to keep up the quick blupping of my own high GP horses.
  3. "Team" tab is filled with my Curly teams horses for breeding numbers and the next high GP animal. It has my top Marwari horse that needs to be blupped and top drums too.
  4. Next I'd work my way through my "High GP". Its filled with  a bunch of horses that need to be blupped, but can be done so in a 2 monthly volume as a breed them. Most in this tabs are mares so I gain breeding stock and it's essentially an AP farm (Ageing Points).
  5. I can use the AP from these tabs to work on the "Team" horses then.
  6. Lastly I'd go to the "in work" tab and enter the Grand Prix horses and play with some uni's or Xbreds when I have time to.
I find that have a large breeding (Mares and foals) farm to filter through can really help boost your process along due to the influx of AP and equus.


Marwari's ۩۞۩€avallo ∂a Ꮆuerra۩۞۩

 Twirly~Curly (Curly Team)

  1. Number of rosettes won this month 19th  
  2. Genetic potential 40th  
  3. Horses in the Grand Prix Top 1000, this month 35th  
  4. Horses born this month: 19th  
  5. Prestige 18th, of 79.75%.
-This is the first team I've ever been apart of. Even with my first account that I'd had for a very long time back in 2011, I'd never gotten around to being in one cuz it wasn't a thing originally.
-I'm glad I joined because its been fun and has given me something else to concentrate on besides my drum horses. It's also taught me some things that I can use for my own horses.