On a hiatus at the moment due to personal reasons. Please excuse me for my lack of replies, i will try to get back to everyone as soon as i sort things out in my life.


* I try to return all congratulations and will accept all friend requests *

-Currently buying!!-

Looking to purchase any horses (mares, stallions and foals alike) of ANY breed!
Will pay 1000e just simply reserve it for me or message me!
If over 15; 25,000e. Over 20; 50,000e.

If horses are wearing a golden apple or any special coats (excluding wanderers spirit coats and vintage coats) i'll pay good money for them! 

-About Me-

I am a 22 year old Australian female who is horse and bunny crazy!!  
Currently focusing on my GA collections. 

Major Achievement: 21/01/2020-  Ďot Ťo Ďotŝ became the team to first produce an appy on the Australian server with over 4000 gp! He can be found here 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.pnghttps://au.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=2870839

I'll be taking offers on all horses in the sales Tab so keep your eye on that if you are looking for something. 

-Food for thought-

6+3 =9
But so does 5+4.
The way you do things isn't always the only way to do them. 
Respect other peoples ways of thinking. 

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