I accept all friend requests and return all congratulations

Competitions & Giveaways:
- 10 000th person to congratulate me gets this beauty for 500e!
- My newest Chimera, Dorian, is not feeling good about being tamed. Please help him feel better by giving him apples. If you can find him935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png
Those that do will be put into a weekly draw for a random Bonus!

Equestrian Centre:
Please check out the EC page whenever you can for the latest updates.

Any horses, ponies, unicorns, divines etc. I am willing to sell will already be placed in the Sales tab, which is under the first breeding farm. I am usually open to accepting offers for these. Reasonable negotiations only please.

Available for Coverings:
I am happy and open to offering any mares coverings from any of my stallions. I have a selection of fully BLUPPED Divines, Unicorns, Donkeys (1), Riding Horses and Ponies. 

- Coverings from any Divines, Donkeys and Draughts will cost 7,500e.
- Coverings from Unicorns, Riding Horses and Ponies will range from 500e to 7,500e.

My Timeline of Very Fortunate Events: 
17 May 2018- My first two horses are born: Paleface & Memorial
- My first GA coat
- First Helio's Ray
18 May 2018- Made my first friend: gb1999
20 May 2018- Visited by Community Wandering Horse: Wilderness
21 May 2018- Recieved first Hypnos' Blanket from Frost
22 May 2018- Never & Future are born 
- My first Wanderer's Spirit coat : Swamp
- My first Pegasus: Never 
27 May 2018- My first Unicorn: Forever. Thanks to TheMorrigan for the gift of my first Akhal-Teke unicorn
- First Donkey: Bequeath 
- First breeding farm
29 May 2018- First Unicorn born: One Day
1 June 2018- Paleface 1st in Popularity 
- Memorial 3rd in Popularity
- Never 4th in Popularity
- Future 5th in Popularity
- First Draught Horse: Wayfarer. I would like to thank eposX for helping me out with a Shire colt.
4 June 2018- My first Divine: Gemini
- My first Divine won from a Golden Fleece: Sequoia
- My first Unicorn twins: Surprise & Joy
7 June 2018- First horse fully BLUPPED: Memorial
8 June 2018- Recieved first Diamond from Topaz
9 June 2018- Thanks to Sugarpony my first Donkey twins are born: Wonder & Excite. I would also like to thank melissa for helping me out with a covering and ash.com for helping me complete my Donkey coat trophy
11 June 2018- First Winged Draught Horse: Wayfarer
- First Winged Unicorn: Forever
- First horse to 20 wins under 10yrs: Future
12 June 2018- Home 95th in Popularity
- First male Unicorn twins: Shock & Awe
15 June 2018- Matilda, Boomer, Life & Storm are born
16 June 2018- First affix
- My first Divine won from a Titan's Challenge: Shiny Yellow
- Love, Prize, Freedom & Success are born
17 June 2018- First female Donkey twins: Happy & Excess
18 June 2018- Prize Looker 5th in Popularity
19 June 2018- First 5th Element coat : Fire
20 June 2018- 26th in Competitions won yesterday
- First Divine fully BLUPPED: Rain
- First Unicorn fully BLUPPED: Prize 
- First 1% coat bred: Brumby - Fleabitten Grey
22 June 2018- First Vintage Apple coat
26 June 2018- Thanks to Truly my first Divine is born: Cloud. I would also like to thank Ellie and austgal for Divine coverings as well
28 June 2018- First Chimera won from a Titan's Challenge: Korra
My first Divine won from a Horn of Plenty: Pixiu
30 June 2018- First Divine won from an event: Liten
2 July 2018- 1st in Popularity 
4 July 2018- First Double-Sided Medallion coat : Crazy Robot
5 July 2018- First Chimera tamed
8 July 2018- First Chimera to 20 wins
9 July- First Draught Horse fully BLUPPED: Wayfarer
10 July 2018- First Chimera fully BLUPPED: Korra
13 July 2018- First Magic Hat coat : Evil Witch
15 July 2018- First Bewitched Pumkin coat : Vampire
- Won first Rosette
19 July 2018- First Falabella to 20 wins: Liten
22 July 2018-  Visited by Community Wandering Horse: Conductor
26 July 2018- First Donkey fully BLUPPED: Wonder
27 July 2018- Grand Prix ticket found
3 August 2018- 6th in Number of Rosettes won this month
4th August 2018- First access to the Fountain 
10 August 2018- 14th in Water Balloon Fight event
- First piece of Zaldia's tack: Saddle Cloth
11 August 2018- 83rd in Classical Grand Prix 
- 76th in Western Grand Prix
14 August 2018- 28th in Horses looked after yesterday
17 August 2018- Found both the Tranquility of the Breeze and Energy of the Thunderstorm Grand Prix bonus'
18 August 2018-  Found both the Effect of the Tornado and Power of the Storm Grand Prix bonus'
19 August 2018- Found both the Appearance of the Hurricane and Stength of the Typhoon Grand Prix Bonus'
22 August 2018- Visited by Community Wandering Horse: Wilderness, for the 2nd time!
26 August- First Divine bred by me to be fully BLUPPED: Cloud
- First Falabella to be fully BLUPPED: Liten
31 August 2018- Found Bonus Monsoon Grand Prix Bonus
22 September 2018- First Seal of the Apocalypse coat: Mors
23 September - First Wild won in an event : Georgia
1 October 2018- I won Arion!
24 November 2018- First Chimera won in an event: Napoleon 
25 November 2018- First Legendary Horse: Zaldia
Visited by Community Wandering Horse: Wilderness, for the 3rd time!
31 January 2019 - My Yggdrasil is born.
24 December 2020 - My first Draught Unicorn is born: Deliverance Charge.
30 January 2023 - Visited by Community Wandering Horse: Multicorn, for the first time.
22 February 2023 - Purchased my first Donkey Unicorn: Horned Catastrophy.
2 March 2023 - Visited by Community Wandering Horse: Typhon, for the first time.
5 March 2023 - Won my first Divine from completing Trophies: Tiny.
7 March 2023 - Aries is born.

Items Needed!
- Ageing Points

- Draught Horses with at least 1 covering left. Not fussed on breed or purity.
- Philosopher's Stones, 5th Elements, Poseidon's Packs, Croesus' Fortunes and Hypnos' Blankets. I am open to trade and negotiate for these. Will pay passes for the 5th Elements.
- Foundies. I am not fussed with age, GP, skills or coat. I would prefer if it was equiped with a P. Stone but this is not a necessity. I will pay Equus or passes. 
I am on the look out for:
Highland Pony (1×female), Nokota (1×female), Knabstrupper (1×male), Holsteiner (1×female), Paint Horse (1×female), Tennessee Walker (1×female), Shetland (1×female), Welsh (1×female), Percheron (1×female), Shire (1×male & 1×female).
- Horses etc. with companion animals. I will pay Equus and passes for these.

Before you leave please give a goodbye apple to a horse (or two).
Thank You so much for visiting and checking out what's been happening.
Happy Howrsing!