wOw I have not been active at all for the past year but I'm trying to be a little more active like I used to.

If you have a horse you don't want then reserve it for a max of 5000e dependant on the horse 


Hi!! My name is Safira, I love horses and cats ( I have 2 cats). 

Some of my favourite music artists rn are David Bowie, Queen, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons and The Cure!! :) at the moment some of my favourite songs are Lady Stardust, Best Tears, Ain't No Rest for the Wicked, You're Gonna Say Yeah, and Soul Love! (Clearly I am not decisive) 

And my favourite movies are anything Marvel 

 I try to return all the congratulations!!

 If you have any questions or offers for anything just flick me a message! :)          

  If you are interested in any of my horses then feel free to send me a message on which horse and if its a horse I'm willing to sell we can talk prices.  


I play Star Stable Online on the server Fire Star where my username is Emma Skyfly so feel free to come up to me in the game to say Hi!

My Main Goal on Howrse at the moment is to maintain vip without spending any money which by my calculations is possible ( just by daily objectives you can get 10950 passes a year but bc of earth/moon, croesus and gold I can make 13790 (estimate) per year and vip only costs 5000 for 6 months  (currently have 756 passes and vip for just under 6 more months))

Some other goals I have are to get into the top 300 rankings! (currently 302nd!)