Hello, welcome to my page- Oh how plain it is.

I joined to Australian sever after being on INT since 2012. My home is located in grassy south Australia where animals overrule my family (Their crafty). I used live in Victoria where it was super hot(Sometimes) but I melted and moved away to a rainy green place (Whaaa...green???41195d2066591d14d3f5a836b23c0305.png)

I will not be very active on this account but figured I'd join to get to chat with fellow Aussies. 

Facts about me:
- Not a very serious person 
- Loves horses or any animal really (Except moths they are evil)
- I'm studying to be a nurse (Hope my brain has enough knowledge stuff)
- Super friendly and can chat endlessly 
- Anything purple is for me :) 

I accept all friend request but would rather have a chat first. 

All my horses HAVE to have a special coat...otherwise they will be in sales. They will all eventually have H'rays and lyres (When I'm not broke) They will also become immortal one day...
The only exception is pass horses or trophy coats...if I one day collect them