I am the proud owner of Diamond QH Stud, the breeder of top Quarter Horses!!!

Quarter Horse Stallions Standing at Stud:

*Limited Bookings* Gigantor (Black Jack x Pot Black)- $2000

*Limited Bookings* PureRed (Ma x Junior)- $1000

*Limited Bookings* Hermiticulus (Black Magic x Whizz The Joker)- $2000

Dr Black (Gigantor x Pot Black)- $2000

Im The Man (White Raven x Im A Star)- $2000

Orphan Black (Kale x Babe)- $2000

Red Moon (Wanderers Spirit x Automated Purchase)- $1000

Clancy (Richie x Babe)- $2000

Please Message Me If Interested In A Covering

I live in Australia, i am a barrel racer and trainer. My favorite barrel racer is Fallon Taylor who was the 2014 World Champion Barrel Racer and 7 time NFR Qualifier.


If you have any questions about the game just message me, if u are new to howrse, i can help u with bluping and just about anything, dont be afraid to message me. I dont bite, i am easy to talk to, i will accept every friend request and if u congratulate me, i will congratulate u back but if i dont its because i didnt see your name, so dont be afraid to message me about it.  



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