About me

I'm from Australia I sadly don't own any horse but have done a lot of ridding in the past and work with them hopefully one day I will own my own I love all animals and my fave shows are Gotham and Game of thrones. I love blue and purple and i'm always up for a chat to feel free to message me :) I try to return as many congrats as possible and I also accept all friend request. I'm not a real serious player mainly here for fun.


Game Play and Sales and covers

I may not be the worlds best player or known to much about the game but if there is anything I can do to help please just ask i'm on the game a lot any horse in the sales is up for sale other wise please don't ask it means there not for sale.  If you want a cover from one of my horse please message me depending on who it is will depend on price but i do try to keep it as cheap as possible . If anyone has the blue rainbow and would like a covering from shinney yellow then send me a message coverings will be 7,500 EQ 
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 3057.gif?pfcizo This little Horse is galloping around Howrse.  help him continue that journey!