Hey y’all. 

Equestrian centre- (price will go up in future) working on upgrading equestrian centre. If you want a box reserved just ask. Willing to reserve up to 50boxes per player. 

Breeding- aging all mares that are in foal. Once all mates have given birth then I’ll start breeding unicorns, draught horses and donkeys and possibly a few other breeds. If you want a covering just pm me. Price may vary depending on the breed, if it’s a draught horse with his last covering of course price will go up. Price will also depend on purebred or cross bred, genetics, skills and Gp. Willing to let players breed with my mares too. Just pm me and we’ll discuss it. 

Sales- no horses up for sale as of yet. Message me if you want to buy. 

That’s about all. Hope y’all have a good day.