about me

i am female from Victoria aged between 13-18 i don't put up with rude people if u are rude to me in anyway u will be blocked or report u. i am happy to just chat with people if u want to. i do accept random friend request i do not friend people who send their horses to the safe haven. i have 2 horses 2 dogs and 1 cat. i on not selling any of my GA's for under 100,000. i live in the country i have grown up with horses my whole life


im breeding friesians and quarter horses at the moment i will probably sell any of my horses besides the ones in comp horses unless you have a good offer but please feel free to message me if you're interested in buying any of my horses  


i am now taking unwanted horses i will not be paying more that 5,000 for the unwanted horses but if it is a GA then i will pay more.

i do also train horses so if you would like me to train any of your horses please text me and i will see what i can do. if you want me to fully train you horse it will be 20,000 and if you want your horse half trained it will be 10,000