Congratulate 5 Topaz

Stroke 5 Xanthos

Defrost 1 Frost


potions-item-i.png  Pastry Divines potions-item-h.png
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Don't forget to vote in Creation Space starting on the 5th of each month.  
(y)_v1828806360.png50 per day


Hello fellow Howrse players :) Thought I should update my presentation a bit. When I first joined the Australian server it was to test the tutorial with the new instructor Emma, hence the names of my foundy horses Tryon and Emma. After awhile though I was considering closing this account because I have two other accounts on the International and US servers.

But before I could contemplate any further action I was delightfully surprised to learn that the divine horse Frost had been added to my breeding farm. I had been faithfully defrosting Frost on the other servers for years so this was really a happy event. :) Since most divines can't be given new homes and I don't like sending horses to Safe Haven I decided to stay. I did get a few more divines from promos and events: I Love You, Ich Liebe Dich, and Te Quiero divines from the Heart Fight promo and Spanish Mustang from the Wild West cards promo. 

I thought, okay, this is it. I've gotten my quota of divines on this account. But Howrse surprised me again by adding the divine horse Cascade on September 30th and another Frost divine on October 31st to my breeding farm. Since I live in California I am a day behind.  I now think it's not entirely impossible to get Croesus since that's the only divine left that you can get for free simply by naming one of your horses Junior Croesus. %3C%3Ao%29_v1828806360.png

Truly Divine
Doppelganger Divines

If you need a covering from Snowflake for your Cascade divine or from Geyser for your Rain divine just let me know and I will send you a cover.

  givre_v1828806360.png flocon.png i-love-you.png mustang.png cascade.png geyser.png  
givre.png  flocon.png ich-liebe-dich.png te-quiero.png falabella-4.png hippogriffe.png


tombola-item-currency.png Monthly Winnable Divines: tombola-item-currency.png
1st of the Month
Frost - Defrost at least one Frost divine per month
Cascade - Login for 20 days in a month
13th of the Month
Croesus - Name a horse Junior Croesus

tombola-item-currency.png Yearly Winnable Divines: tombola-item-currency.png
You can win one of the Zodiac divines that pertains to your birthdate.
Jan 19 - Capricorn
Feb 19 - Aquarius
Mar 21 - Pisces
Apr 19 - Aries
May 21 - Taurus
Jun 21 - Gemini
Jul 22 - Cancer
Aug 22 - Leo
Sep 22 - Virgo
Oct 22 - Libra
Nov 22 - Scorpio
Dec 21 - Sagittarius

Divines won from promos/events:

Feb 16 Won I Love You from the Heart Fights event
June 7 Won Spanish Mustang from the Wild West Cards promo
Dec 7 Blitzen given free from the Beautiful Pine Tree promo

Feb 15 Won Ich Liebe Dich and Te Quiero from the Heart Fights event
Apr 2 Won Малыш Falabella from the Memory Game event after completing Level 22
Aug 10 Won Hippogriff from the Water Balloon Fight event



Mainly on this account I'm just having fun and relaxing. Been having fun just experimenting and not worrying about collecting trophies or having a top equestrian center or high GP horses.

Here are a few of my experiments/goals:

* See how long it takes for me to breed every coat color from my foundation horses. Appaloosas have 17 coat colors so that will take some time. I feel like that old Tootsie Pop Owl that was asked how many licks does it take to get to the chocolate center. One, Two, Three ... Crunch. 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png Hopefully I won't give in and use a Hera's Pack.

* Get every coat color for my draft horses. Almost there but did use Hera's Packs. (Completed)

* See how high I can get my GP on my Winner's Circle horses. 

* Breed crossbred horses to get the every Breed trophy. (Completed)

NOTE: My first intention for crossbreeding was to have horses I didn't mind giving to Ow or Safe Haven. But after crossing the line and taking the plunge into crossbreeding I still couldn't give them up to Ow. (So much for that idea!)

So now it's simply for fun. :) On my International and US accounts I don't crossbreed because I haven't a clue of how to make a better hybrid from two other breeds. But I've found a certain amount of freedom and joy of just letting the wind take me where it will and not worrying about the breed or GP. And it was a fun project trying to get every breed for the trophy. Some of those horses were hard to find! But now it's "Que Sera, Sera."

My Affixes:

Happy Appies - For my Appaloosa Foundation horses and their offspring
Truly Divine - For my divines
Doppelganger Divines - For my duplicate divines
Unicorn Heart - For my horses without a horn
Unicorn Lore - For my unicorns
Footloose Foundies - For my Ouranus and Gaia horses
Rough Draft - For my draft horses
Wings N Things - For my Hanoverians
Crosswind - For my Crossbreeds

My Breeding Farms:

A farm for all my special horses:
Golden Apple Coats
Special Coats

Happy Appies
For my foundation Appaloosa's Tryon and Emma and all their offspring.

Gentle Giants
For my draft horses and Gypsy Vanners.

Winner's Circle
For my top playing horses:
Arabian Horses

My little melting pot of horses. :)

Other Horses
Keep my divines here and miscellaneous horses.

My Companion Horses:

Creme Puff with a Goat
100074357-normal.png compagnon-chevre-off.png compagnon-chevre.png

Night Fury with a Grizzly

100306335-normal.png compagnon-grizzly-off.png compagnon-grizzly.png
Flying Colors with a Giraffe

100212095-normal.png  compagnon-girafe-off.png compagnon-girafe.png

Heartlight with a Swallow

100280207-normal.png compagnon-hirondelle-off.png compagnon-hirondelle.png

Mariposa with a Dog

monarque.png compagnon-chien-off.png compagnon-chien.png

Monarch with a Butterfly

100140351-normal.png compagnon-papillon-off.png compagnon-papillon.png

Maybelline with an Owl

100329855-normal.png compagnon-hibou-off.png compagnon-hibou.png

Sparkle with a Lamb

100117571-normal.png compagnon-mouton-off.png compagnon-mouton.png

Sheri Berry with a Monkey

100316068-normal.png compagnon-singe-off.png compagnon-singe.png

Sweetheart with a Frog

100219695-normal.png compagnon-grenouille-off.png compagnon-grenouille.png

Caramia with a Cat

100056876-normal.png compagnon-chat-off.png compagnon-chat.png
Klondike with a Turtle

100269153-normal.png compagnon-tortue-off.png compagnon-tortue.png


Emma Tutorial vs Ow Tutorial

I joined the Australian server because I was curious about the changes made to the tutorial. I had read some complaints about the changes and wanted to see what were the differences. Plus I noticed that Ouranus and Gaia were no longer appearing on the Family Trees of my foundation horses. 

When I first joined Howrse on the International server, I was greeted by the Ow monkey who took me step by step on how to take care of my horse, put her in an equestrian center, equip and enter into competitions and given a second horse to breed her and have a foal. My first horse was a Standardbred (which is like the French Trotter) and the coat I picked was light gray which is a 2% coat. Since this was my first account I didn't know what coats were rare. I just liked the pretty white horse. Don't know why a white coat is called light gray. 

Anyway, from what I can remember the foundation horses started at 350 GP, and the Ow tutorial gave multiple Black Market items: Philosopher's Stone, Bonus Pack, Chronos' Timer, Philotes' Stroke, Achilles' Heel and I think the Poseidon's Saddle. Later on they changed it so that if a horse had any Poseidon's tack on you got the whole pack.

Also the male Standardbred Ow gave me only had a Philosopher's Stone and had a 10% Liver Chestnut coat. I couldn't do any foal games on him because he was already old enough to breed.

Now on this server, I was greeted by a woman named Emma who also took me step by step on taking care of horses. The difference was that instead of taking care of "My Horse" I was taking care of Gaia who looked like the Breed and Coat color I had chosen when I joined. Gaia had twins that had the same coat colors I had chosen but one was female and the other male. And it wasn't until I had aged the horses that she came back and showed me how to put my horses in an equestrian center and gave them both a Philosopher's Stone. Also the horses' GP is no longer 350. They now have the GP adjusted to how high the other horses are in the game. I guess so it's easier to win competitions.

The Black Market items you get for your foundation horse is 2** tack which gives you the color bonus, a Golden Apple and a Helios' Ray. The Golden Apple you receive from the tutorial makes your horse non-sellable but if you want you can give your horse another Golden Apple if you want to give your horse a new home. Another tip I learned is be careful what horse you choose to age first. I would have liked to put the Black Market items on my female horse but I just aged the first horse in line which was my male and couldn't switch to my female.

Another thing I noticed is that there are only 7 coat colors you can pick from any of the 10 breeds to choose from and they are the most common colors. On International I was able to pick a 2% coat but now it is no longer available. I noticed too that there are breeds that are no longer available to be chosen as foundation horses. On the U.S. server, my foundation horses that I chose were the Fjord ponies. Now the only ponies you can get on the U.S. server are Shetlands and Connemaras. %5E)_v1828806360.png

UPDATE:  Apparently Howrse rotates the horses that you can select when you first start an account. When I joined the Australian server you were able to choose the Appaloosa, Hanoverian and Lipizzan breeds. Now they've been replaced with the Friesian, Gypsy Vanner and Thoroughbred as of my last check on February 7, 2019.

TUTORIAL CHANGE:  On October 8, 2019 Howrse modified their tutorial. I got 24 hours of VIP membership from my Altair divine on my International account so I didn't have to start a brand new account on another server to test the new changes. You still take care of Gaia and breed her to get your new foundation horses but you don't have to age them to 6 months to get their Philosopher's Stones. 

Howrse added an Auction to the Tutorial in which there are four horses to choose from and of course you automatically win: 

NAME                  BREED                    AGE SEX  PERK                   PRICE
Mother Hen          * Breed Picked         10    F     Fertility Wand       500 Equus
Fury of the West  Arabian Horse          3      G     High IBS/Western 500 Equus
Rare Gem            Argentinean Criollo  3      F     1% Rare Coat       500 Equus
Princess              Shetland                   3      F     Apollo's Lyre         500 Equus

* The Mother Hen horse always matches the breed picked when starting the game.
I don't know why they had to geld the Arabian Horse since its skills aren't anywhere near the top breeder skills but I guess they didn't want any complaints. 
For me I think Mother Hen and Rare Gem are the best picks. But Fury of the West would be good for entering Western competitions and Princess would be good for objectives requiring a pony.

Another thing that is new is that there are Apprentice Breeder Objectives instead of the Daily Objectives that older players complete to earn Passes. I wasn't able to test all the objectives since I only was on the test server for a few days but there are three objectives viewable that you can complete and earn various prizes like Equus, Aging Points, Carrots, etc. I think there are a total of 100 objectives. And I even heard you can get a companion from one of the objectives.

What is also different about the tutorial is the way you earn privileges. It used to be you had to reach a certain amount of seniority days in order to buy from Direct Sales or open an Equestrian Center but now you can just earn these privileges by completing the Objectives.

Pros and Cons

> Don't have to age your foundation horses to get their Philosopher's Stones
> Get a 3rd horse that you can choose from the Auction
> Get some nifty prizes from the Apprentice Breeder Objectives

> Can't put the Tutorial Golden Apple on your foundation horse. Must go on Auction horse.
> Auction horse is not immortal
> Can't sell your foundation horses.
> Don't get the 2** Tack for your foundation horse.
> Don't get 25,000 Equus for opening an Equestrian Center. Get gifts from Apprentice Breeder Objectives instead.

I wasn't able to accomplish many of the Apprentice Breeder Objectives so maybe the absence of 2** Tack and 25,000 Equus for opening an Equestrian Center are compensated for in completing objectives. But I really didn't like not being able to sell the foundation horses. I like to buy foundation horses and also if I ever decide to quit I would like to give my horses new homes. And what is irritating is that even if you are an older player that did not participate in the new tutorial your first foundation horse is no longer sellable. My Standardbred female horse that I got in 2014 on my International account doesn't have the option anymore of being sold. And my other accounts are the same. You don't even have the option anymore of putting your foundation horses in Safe Haven for posterity. If you sold your original foundation horses before the change then any other two Ouranos and Gaia horses you are the breeder of become unsellable. Some players have commented that they cannot sell some of their Stagecoach horses. One of my pet peeves is when a player quits and they do not find new homes for their horses they become "disappeared horse" on the Family Tree of their offspring. Please Howrse at least let us send them to Safe Haven.

I also miss the original Ouranos and Gaia. I don't like seeing blank spots on my horses Family Tree. Please Howrse couldn't you bring them back even though you changed the tutorial?

ouranos.png  gaia.png

I first started playing Howrse on the International server on March 25, 2014 and branched out to the U.S. server on May 14, 2014, again because I wanted to try the new changes that had been made to the tutorial the last time. So many changes. 

My other accounts:

flag-en.png  Sincerely
flag-us.png  Kindred Spirit
flag-ru.png  Enya - Deleted my Russian account on May 2nd, 2017. 
flag-ca.png  Cordially

Temperature and time from my location.
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Visit the Safe Haven and stroke a horse for a chance to get a prize or equus. 
You can stroke a horse 3 times a day but it has to be an hour apart although now that they have removed advertisements that give you rewards there is no reason for stroking more than once..



Days of Seniority

01 - Buy and Sell horses at auction after completing the Golden Apple tutorial
10 - Gift Shop Items to Friends 3 items per week, Item Exchange 2 trades per week
20 - Equestrian Center
30 - Direct and Reserved Sales, Create your own Affix, Vote in Creation Space,
        More than 30 days seniority get 3 trades per week in the Item Exchange.
60 - Create a new breeding farm every 60 days (Limit of 5 farms)


Ice Palace event from February 22, 2018 to March 12, 2018


Roby is so cute. :) Wouldn't it be great if we could keep him for a companion pet.


Don't you wish Howrse could make this unicorn elixir from the 2017 Potions event 

into a real Black Market item that changes any horse into a unicorn. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

  a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.pngThank you Howrse for giving us the lovely divine Blitzen.  a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png



Wow! Thank you Howrse for increasing my herd of reindeer divines and giving us Donner, Cupid, Prancer and Comet to keep Blitzen company. Now we just need Dasher, Dancer, Vixen and Rudolf to complete the set. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png


You can now get a trophy for collecting all the Christmas Reindeer divines. Can't wait to get Vixen, Dasher and Dancer. They are so adorable. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png


Thank you horse for those beautiful butterfly Wandering horses and letting us buy the coats through the Wanderer's Spirit BMI. esprit-nomade.png %3A%29_v1828806360.png




~ A Serious Question ~

A kitten went a~walking
One morning in July
And idly fell a~talking
With a great big butterfly.

The kitten's tone was airy,
The butterfly would scoff;
When there came along a fairy
Who whisked his wings right off.

And then - for it is written
Fairies can do such things -
Upon the startled kitten
She stuck the yellow wings.

The kitten felt a quiver,
She rose into the air,
Then flew down to the river
To view her image there.

With fear her heart was smitten,
And she began to cry:
"Am I a butter~kitten?
Or just a kitten~fly?"

~ Poem by Carolyn Wells ~ 
  American author and poet
June 18, 1862 - March 26, 1942