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Specializing in the Holsteiner breed. 

100% purebred Holsteiner stallions available for breeding.

About My Breeding Farm

All 3 highest skills are completed in the training section and are further worked on by the rides. Beach rides are used to transfer skills.

Breed in skills for low genetic horses. Horses should have at least a +50 BLUP and have their 3 highest skills completed before being bred.

Overall Holstein Goal 
Our goal is to maintain all skills and continue building the following skills until they have an “Excellence Star”: Jumping, Dressage, and Stamina.

Skills Goal
Increase the number of "Good" Holsteins into the sales and for stud. Increase the Trot, Gallop, and Speed skills to 100SK to make 4 or 5 Excellency Stars.

Current Breeds Available for Training and Competition

Breeding Farms Available (sorted by most used)

  • The other horses (Holsteiner breeds only)
  • Training (Horses who are being trained in certain disciplines - i.e. dressage, trot, show jumping...etc)
  • Retired (Horses that are over the age of 25 - does not include horses 350GP/519SK F and 350GP/371SK M)
  • Skillers (Only geldings are allowed in this breeding farm)
  • Other (Divines or other special type horses such as Pegasus's and Unicorns)

Equestrian Center Information
Our equestrian center Équidés Deux Bits is open to the public at this time. Limited Space 

0 box stalls (1* box) available without amenities or bonuses. Reservations are available.

Training Help

Skilling or a Skiller is when you take a horse and max out all his skills for winning competitions. He isn't for breeding, he almost always is a male who is gelded so that (A) players that buy him won't breed with him and steal your fire, and (B) Because that gives you a skill bonus. 

Here are the steps you do when you "skill" a horse: 
  • You train it fully in its top three skills 
  • You finish the rides, now including beach rides 
  • You finish the lessons 
  • (Optional) Give the horse Poseidon's Pack & Bonus Pack

Skillers is credited to The Book of Howrse

A calculation that determines what a horse is worth for breeding purposes. BLUP (Best Unbiased Linear Production) is the output of three processes your horse has to complete.

Aging 10/10 
Get your horse's training completed by the time they reach the age of 10 years old. 

Training 3/3
Complete your horses top three best skills in both the competition skills, training, and ride skills. You do not have to finish all of the training section for this to be completed.

Victories 20/20
Put your horse in competitions that they can win at and win all 20 competitions with your horse. 

NOTE: Some horses will reach the stage of +60 BLUP and may or may not make it past this point. 

Oops! This is currently in progress. Come back at a later time to see it complete.

Calculations for Genetics, Skills, and BLUP Formulas

IBS (In Born Skills)
The skills your horse is born with. Follow the calculation formula below to get the foals approximate number of In Born Skills.

(GP of mare + GP of stallion) divided by 10 = Z
(BLUP of mare + BLUP of stallion) divided by 200 = Y

Z x Y = IBS

Calculations credited to The Book of Howrse

Vocabulary Definitions by Gameplay

GES (Green Excellency Stars)
Green stars are seen at the bottom of your horse's genetics tab and measure how many skills your horse has when he's born - if your horse has lots of in born skills he'll also have RES, or Red Stars, (Red Excellency Stars) that equal 20 Green ones.

RES (Red Excellency Stars)
Equal to 20 Green Excellency Stars.

Money and Spending Habits

Low cost breeding? Inbreed your horses - not the greatest option, but it's there. Offer your stallions for $500 or $1000 per cover. If your stallion isn't good enough to breed, don't bother with them and sell them for less than $3,000.

Equestrian Center (Part 1/3)
If you have an equestrian center, choose carefully who you board and don't board. If you don't want to make the most money off of the equestrian center, you can reserve all of the boxes to yourself and board only your horses. 

Equestrian Center (Part 2/3)
Making tack or providing other items such as feed is by your choice. They take time, money, and may require repairs in the future. 

Equestrian Center (Part 3/3)
For the pastures, try to buy 10 size pastures instead of 5 size pastures. This reduces your need for destroying pastures and running out of the correct amount in the future.  Pasture rotation will also cut down on time when doing this.

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