I am a very shy person. I am between 15-20 years old. I live on my families horse stud. I have many pets and animals.


I compete with my own horses in show jumping, X country and dressage. My main horse currently is a OTTB gelding. I bought him straight off the track and have only had him for a few months. I have many other horses.

Dancing Horns
This is my unicorn breeding farm, I have many breeds and am always in search of more. My goal with this farm is to have all the unicorn breeds. I only own female unicorns.
Happy Days
This is my farm for my Hanoverians. I am slowly reviving my bloodlines of this breed.
Sundance Joy
This is for my new love of Welsh ponies. More coming soon about them. I will be breeding them for GP.

Ways Of Freedom

This is for my Mustangs. Breeding them for GP.


I always have uni fails for sale and also male unicorns as I do not keep them. I will sometimes have team horses for sale but very rarely.


These will be rare as I almost never have male horses. If I do own a male horse and you wish for a covering just PM me with the price. I am always happy to give out coverings.

Horses Of The Sea

This is my friends Camargue Team. We are slightly competitive and we are currently open for recruitments.