Hi, I'm Aussie Pirate and I am an adult player from Australia. I am an avid lover of movies and archaeology. Ships are my passion and so are Marvel and Disney. I am a long-time player of Howrse. I have played on both the International and Australian platforms. I have had horses in the past, however life happened which meant that my family had to give up owning our horses; I hope to one day get back into riding.

I am back on the international platform as Aussie Pirate.

I accept all friend requests.

I am focusing on completing my trophy collection at the moment. I am therefore focusing on breeding my own horses, so please do not ask to buy any of my horses as they are not for sale.

I am breeding anything and everything. However, I am looking to focus my attention on Mustangs, Arabians and Akhal-Tekes. My affixes are named after ships from my favourite book series Bloody Jack Adventures by L.A. Meyer. My Mustangs are named after shipwrecks from around the world; with their affix being Maritime History.