>Busy wont be replying for few days<
Just got back to the game.... cleaning out a lot of stuff ><

Thanks August for helping my lazy self do Ap farming 59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png

Vanitas No Carte Case Study Of Vanitas GIF - Vanitas No Carte Vanitas Case Study Of Vanitas GIFs

Most of my horse names are from animes, novels and games.

And if you recognise those few special ones consider yourself... 

cultured... xD

Xanthos: 1  2  3  4  5
Topaz : 1  2  3  4  5
Frost: 1

Unifails in Sell tab under Cheap. If there is any you want, 4.5k each. Rare coat, breed, gp doesnt matter. Pick out what you want before i mass sell them, mail with their url link.  <-- Lazy atm too many requests .-. 

Horse sales listed for passes can be exchanged for equus at a rate of 25 pass = 75k 

This is rounded up so 45 passes = 150k