My Presentation... In story form, Surprise! If you don't wanna read the story, skip to the quotations.

Beca adjusted her riding helmet as she bounded excitedly onto the milk crate. Her overly cheery voice echoed through the stable as she greeted the crowds of players and their horses, ‘heyyo fellow howrse players!’ Behind her makeshift stage a white wall held her projected PowerPoint. ‘Now everyone, read carefully please If you want to know more about my game.’

Beca dramatically cleared her throat and extended her pointer. This cliché I’m-about-to-make-a-speech routine sent a collective cringe through the crowd.

Thwack! The pointer crashed onto the wall, pointing at the title of the first slide. Beca professionally voiced the slide to the crowd.


Random friend requests are accepted. Also, encouraged for Promos

If you need a hand or have questions, shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to help.


After reading out the slide in the most formal demeanour she could muster, beca burst into laughter. ‘woah, way too serious for me,’ she gathered herself and returned to her normal, yet still somewhat crazy self, ‘guys, in all honesty, just shoot me a message, I don’t bite, I swear. On a side note, I don’t swear either.’ Beca allowed another giggle to escape, thinking she’s just the funniest person ever.

Still her ever dramatic self, ‘Next!’ she announced the slide change and again smacked her pointer stick to the wall. This time Beca read it out in her best new Yorker accent.

Horse Sales

I usually have horses already in sale, check em out as well.

Feel free to request a horse, make an offer with the request.

I have the right to refuse sale or renegotiate prices of my own horses.

If you aren’t sure how much to offer for a horse, I can state a price and if necessary, we can negotiate from there.

Horses in the Coats <3 tab are NOT for sale

I’m more likely to sell horses from the AP hunters and the Other horses tabs for cheap.

I have an unintentional abundance of male donkeys, please make an offer if you’re interested in purchasing.

Horses in my Worth the keep tab have sentimental value and although I’m willing to sell most of them, they would be kind of overpriced.

Beca sheepishly cleared her throat, ‘yes, I’m a sentimental weirdo… some electronic horses mean a lot to me!’  A small round of applause scattered within the crowd and the herds of horses gratefully whinnied their approval at the players’ addiction to the game. A single tear rolled down her cheek, ‘I knew I wasn’t the only one, electronic horse lovers unite!’


My Game

Casually addicted to howrse.

Focusing on Arabians, Donkeys and Drought Horses.

Recently passed 4300GP in Arabians!

My main objectives are completing trophies and rising in the general ranking.

I try to have my EC stay above 50% prestige but having trouble lol.

I look after about 200 horses a day… that’s just soooo fun.

My goal is to be in/near the top hundred in the General Ranking.


Beca shuffled atop her milkcrate, ‘I say casually addicted cause although I am addicted to it, I am nowhere near as good as players that have played for the same amount of time or shorter than me,’ releasing a nervous chuckle, she continued to reveal her truth, ‘so I guess I’m trying to tell myself to have fun rather than worry about my ranking.’ Beca quickly perked up, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

She laughed at herself once again and ordered the slide to be moved on.



27/05/17 -       I finally won my first wild/ special horse ever!!

22/06/18 -                                             I bred my first Unicorn!

6/07/18 -                                            288th in General Ranking

7/07/18 -          284th in General ranking and 3rd in popularity

8/08/18 -                                              277th in General ranking


‘I think there should be more here but I obviously didn’t write them down.’ Shrugging unsurely but maintaining her ever-present smile, she motioned for the slide show to move on.

About Me

Teen player from QLD, Australia.

Hobbies include this game, watching Netflix and YouTube.


“I’m not too sure what else I could write but if you want to know more about me please send a message and ask some questions, getting to know people is fun for me.’ Beca faked a cough and dramatically cleared her throat in an attempt to cover up the next sentence, ‘and extremely nerve racking.’ Somehow the crowd heard it and  a collective clamouring of ‘awws’ and ‘don’t worry, we’re nice’ greeted beca’s now awkward stance on her tiny stage.

‘I want to thank everyone for being so nice, from the day I joined and most likely till the day I leave.’

‘Last slide everyone! Don’t forget your daily divines!’

Daily Divines

Topaz: one two three four five
Xanthos: one two three four five
Frost: one

‘Thank you for listening everyone.’ Beca stepped off her milk crate and the projection faded, the crowd thinned and the horses were bedded for the night. Still beaming from ear to ear, beca continued her daily duties of horse care and running an EC, enjoying making friends along the way.

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