Solepic - the original.
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*Please do not take my avatar for your own use, it is a professional picture I have paid for the rights to use NOT a google image!*

..Behind the name..
I am an adult female from Australia. I've played Howrse on and off since the AU server was really quite new. I've played competitively until recent changes have taken much of the fun from the game, I am no longer putting hour upon hour into my game each day and do imagine that there will soon come a time when I shall call it quits altogether. 

..Enchanted Curlys.. My pride & joy
My good friend Sarahjc92 and myself begun this venture in April 2015 with the aim of having the best Curly Unicorns on this server. On the 9th of November all of that hard work paid off when 'Alex' became the #1 Curly Unicorn. Throughout 2016 due to time restraints on Sarah and myself we were no longer able to work on the team competitively, thus our GP gains were very slow for awhile. As of the 28th of July, Enchanted Curlys has the top Curly Unicorns on this server.. and we hope to be able to maintain this. I am presently the only active member in the team and am doing my best to ensure Enchanted Curlys continues to rank every month and I am maintaining the best Curly Unicorns on this server. 20th August  2018- Enchanted Curlys has cracked 3000GP!