About Me

My name is Ernie, I'm 20. I'm a girl and I live in Queensland, Australia. I'm currently at uni so I'm not as active as i used to be but i join in for challenges! I have grown up with horses my entire life. 

Please don't steal my photo as it is of my boy!

accept random friend requests.

Favourite music artists: Mel Martinez, GRIMES, POPPY, Labrinth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motley and anything 80's!

Movies and Tv series; anything Horror or supernatural/fantasy,    Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jurassic Park, Friday the 13th, The Witcher (Netflix) and The Resident Evil Movies.

I'm also a gamer, my favourite games include those mentioned in Movies/Tv; The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, Resident Evil, Evil Within 1/2, Death Stranding and many more.

My Breeding


My Horses and Unicorns offer public coverings for players. Public prices are between 1500 - 2500e. Reserved prices are 500e per covering! So if you'd like a reserved covering feel free to send me a PM stating the Stallion you'd like and the Mare thats getting covered!

Tennesse Walkers: "Retired 2016"

My Tennessee Walker Affix ~Thundering TW’s~ contains my own breeding for Walkers. The foals are born from fully Blupped and Bolded parents and are teared to produce the best foals possible! The GP for these horses started at 1740.00 and is know 2197.92 with the foals having 162 Excellence Stars! Skillor foals will be gelded at 1yr 6mths. They will be available to purchase for 15,000e and the decided pass amount (usually 2 passes) depending on the given Genetic Potential. These horses will be great for the Grand Prix! Foal orders are available on request. 


Unicorn orders are always taken. The Breeds which are available on request are: PSH's, Paint's, Fjord, Knab's, Akhals, Nokota's, TB's, Arabian's, Gypsy Vanner's, Welsh's, Holsteiner's, and Connemara's!

Foals Cost: 40,000e for Colts and 49,000e for Fillies.

Extra costs will be considered if the coats of these breeds are rarer (1-7%) around 1500e extra.

Other Stuff

Thankyou to everyone who congratulated me on the 10/9/17- Ranked number 2 in popularity!

31/12/19 - REDRUM, ranked 1st in Elite Thoroughbred horses!

25/1/20 CYCLONE ranked 1st in Thoroughbreds 

WANTED: Any companions are always wanted, Trophies: Giraffe,  Bee, Camel, Frog, Weta, Llama,  Dragons BLUE, GREEN, RED and HoG Companions.

ALWAYS WANTED: Pass horses! for less than 180,000e

I am always looking for:

Unicorns: All breeds and both genders!

Skillors: Nokota, Thoroughbred, Mustangs and Akhal-Teke breeds!


Horses in the "Special Coats / Foundies" tab are NOT for sale. The only time they will be for sale is if I decide to place some into direct sales under the 'Sales' tab. Please do not ask to buy a horse for 500e or 50,000e that is worth 2-4 passes. These messages asking for horses will be ignored. Thankyou for understanding :)

If you like a horse in my "Other Horses" tab please feel free to shoot me a PM and the link to the horse/s and we can negotiate a price!

Black market Items:

What i am always looking to buy are: Aphrodite's Tears, Horns of Plenty,  Zeus' Lightning Bolts and Chronos' Timers.


I am looking for HORSES, PONIES and DONKEYS with low Health, Moral and Energy. Those that are usually sent to the Safe Haven). If you have any please send me a DM and I will happily buy them for 1000e-2500e (which is more than the Safe Haven). If you'd like to purchase some of these horses once they are back to Full health please send a PM with the name of the horse/s and we can negotiate a price.