Hey everyone, I'm finally back online! 

***Formerly known as Mikki_1410

I haven't been active recently due to my study and work load. 

I am currently looking to join an Arabian breed team.

I'm an adult player (20 years old) so for those of you under the age of 18, please ask permission from your parents before contacting me or sending a friend request.

I do accept all friend requests, return as many congratulations as I can, but please be patient, as I am not always online or check my page often.
I participate in all promotions, return lottery tickets etc... 
To add me as a friend, click here!


I am currently focused on breeding Arabian horses, and I am also looking for high GP horses to breed with. 

I will offer private coverings if requested, please PM me to work something out!

I've began dabbling in draught horses, donkeys and cross breeding projects. 

I'm looking for a percheron stallion to breed with my 100BLUP mare, if interested, please PM me to discuss this.

Equestrian Centre

My equestrian centre is called c  h  r  i  o  s, which is a high quality centre focused on meeting your needs. We have everything on offer, from equipment to fodder to the largest most fertile paddocks you could ask for. PM me and I will reserve a box for you.