Please read sale/trading rules below before you send me a message asking to sell one of my horses. If you can't be bothered to read it I'll not be bothered to answer... I don't have time for that.

Feel free to defrost my Frost, stroke my Xantos and congratulate my Topaz.

Buying some BM items depending on my reserve level. Please PM me your offers to negotiate.


Hi everybody. :D.png?nlqkdvqer I was playing on the International version, like most people here, but decided to give an Aussie version a try. Now I spend more time here than there.
I accept random friend requests but as I'm a member of several breeding groups I don't have time to answer random messages saying "hi", please don't get offended. I'm happy to help my friends with promos and would appreciate the same in return.
However, I don't give away money, BM items or any other "free stuff", please don't beg.



I am a part of several breeding Teams.

Sorry I don't offer coverings from my High GP horses. Skillor foals available upon request (sold gelded).


None of my horses in "Treasure Chest" or "Grand Prix" tabs are for sale! Please don't ask, such messages will be ignored.

Any horses I'm willing to sell are in "For sale" tab. When sending me your offer please indicate what breed and in which tab is the horse you are asking about... I have too many horses and too little time to search through all of them. Please be reasonable with your offers... 2000e for the horse that I have in sales for 7-8 passes in NOT reasonable, it's offensive! Such offers will be ignored.  Insisting on such offers will get you blocked.
Future sales are exactly that - sales that going to happen some time in the future but they are not for sale yet so please don't ask me to sell you these horses, the answer will be "NO" till I move them in "For sale" tab (unless you want them gelded, then please mention that and I can sell them any time).

I don't trade my horses for your horses. I also don't sell back horses that I bought... I wouldn't buy them if I didn't want them. So if you want your horse don't put it in sales in the first place.

I'm looking to buy or trade some of my BM items for others. The items I'm normally interested in are:    Nyx Packbras-morphee.png?2094481059Poseidon's Packcorne-abondance.png?2094481059Zeus' Lightning BoltHarmony PackMedusa's Bloodeau-jouvence.pngThe 5th Elementtitan's challenge If you have these or any others, please PM me to negotiate.


Thank you to everybody who sent me these lovely banners.:D.png?21987422

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